WHY DO I NEED A TRANSLATOR?    Congratulations! You have decided – or are considering – having your website or documents translated. So what’s the next step? First of all, DON’T ask the girl in your office or your neighbour’s son-in-law who just happens to speak French/Spanish/Vulcan. You have spent a long time writing your content so it is easily understood, is just right for your targeted audience, and/or gives you the most chances to gain new customers – and your translated copy deserves the same amount of love and attention that only a professional translator can provide.


    HOW DO I CHOOSE A TRANSLATOR?    So how do you decide who to employ, when you don’t yourself speak the language? Too many companies take the risky approach of using the first or cheapest person they can find. When we take our car to the mechanic, we’re not quite sure what the crankshaft is, or what a head gasket does exactly, but we can check the garage’s record and quality assurance schemes. Translation works the same : a thorough selection process should be your first step. Is the translator qualified and certified by a professional body? Have they got the right experience to translate for your specific field? The best translators will also help you decide what to translate and find out how your new multilingual website is performing, so you can discover its impact and potential savings by yourself.


    WHY CHOOSE US?   Frogology offers you ongoing assistance at every stage, from first contact to completion of the project and beyond. Each job is handled by an expert Project Manager who will be there for you throughout the process. We are happy for you to contact us at any time with your questions, requests, or concerns, as our priority is to build a great relationship with our clients. Our positioning in the market as a group of trusted collaborators, with few overheads, means you can get to know us and enjoy a true relationship. Another benefit is our price point, competitively placed below most translation agencies. All our translators and editors are highly qualified (MA level minimum) and fully certified by the ITI (UK professional association of translators).


Not to be confused with many translators’ favourite companion, CAT (short for Computer Aided Translation) is simply a way for translators to accumulate and retain the knowledge they have gained by performing previous translations, via a memory sofftware. Most professional translators use some form or another of CAT tool, which allows them to produce a strong, cohesive and consistent translation throughout even the longest projects (see here).




While volume in itself does not usually warrant reduced rates, some projects may be eligible for discounts based on the number of repetitions. Please ask for a detailed quote.